Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Random updates of late

It's been 3 weeks since I wrote here. Wow. Seems like a long time since I was good about doing 5 posts a week.

  1. We've been busy, busy lately. I thought that putting Fuss in PreK this year would be helpful and create some more free time. It has been helpful (for her), but it certainly hasn't created more free time. If anything, it has taken up more time than expected. 
  2. The school Harvest Festival is this Saturday. The game my husband and I were supposed to make isn't done yet. Oops. 
  3. Work hasn't been terribly full of bookings, but at the same time, I feel like it's taking a lot of time. I still love it, but some times I spend an afternoon promoting my business and then I'm like - "hey, where'd my time go?" I need to get off my butt and make some phone calls, but I HATE calling people "cold."
  4. We did Teacher Appreciation last week. Fuss's teachers LOVED their gifts and cards, but I think the homemade cookies we made them were the biggest hit. And since I was running behind last week and know that no one had the week after me, I actually brought them the cookies Monday morning. Big Hit. Want your teachers to love you? Bring them a fresh-baked treat first thing on a Monday. :) 
  5. I miss my nail technician. She was great, her Shellac nails would last me up to 3 weeks and since she did nails in her home, I could bring the kids if I couldn't find a sitter and they could watch Disney in her living room while I got my manicure. She retired in August and I haven't been able to find anyone comparable yet.
  6. I'm feeling the familiar pull of depression some days. The "I don't want to bother," and "do I really have to talk to people?" feeling where I would rather stay in bed/watch TV/read than do anything else, including talk on the phone to my best friend or go have lunch with some girlfriends. This is not like me at all, so I know there is something amiss. Some days are fine. Some days are not. 
  7. Sleep is not coming easy around here lately. This is not helping the situation above. 
  8. The first few days of Halloween candy were not good for my diet. It also didn't help that I was PMSing. I've been mostly good since. 
  9. I still love my Coca Cola. There have been times when I didn't crave it, but more often than not, I'm very happy to have that pick me up. So I have one periodically. I find, though, that if  I make myself a big glass of ice water w/ lemon first thing in the morning, I don't crave the Coke nearly as much and I tend to then drink more water during that day. 
  10. I'm re-reading Fifty Shades. My husband is thrilled with the upswing in my libido. 

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