Monday, July 16, 2012

Dream Job?

My husband and I got into a discussion recently regarding the scenario of "if you were to be given a million dollars with the instructions 'go start a business' - what would you do?" This comes from the recent sale of my family business (my dad's business) and his retirement this past month (he's really only been "done" for less than a week) and my statement that I wouldn't have minded taking over his business one day, except that Dry Cleaning did not hold my interest in the slightest. For my dad, it wasn't about Dry Cleaning, it was about business. He wanted his own business, and this one fell in his lap 26 years ago. So he ran with it.

My first reaction was "start a business? Um, maybe photography? Like portraits and weddings and stuff?" but honestly, that's not where my passion is. I love books - reading them, writing them, discussing them. But you can't really make it as an independent bookstore in this day and age and I don't see "becoming an author" as the same thing as "starting a business." I did add the caveat that if I was given a million dollars and told to go make a living, I would hire a nanny/housekeeper for my children/home and write full-time. I'd spend a lot of time not-at-home with a nice laptop writing and writing and writing. I'd start some writing groups or something because I also need that social interaction (or maybe I'd just continue to sell Thirty-one? I mean, I really do like that part and it certainly allows me to have that adult-social thing, plus - PRETTY BAGS! Shopping! Happy people!) but I want to write. Even if it's crap. (because sometimes, you get stuck and so you write crap. I imagine that even happens to seasoned authors.)

But this brings up a great discussion: What would YOU do if someone handed you a million dollars and told you to start a business/make a living?

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