Monday, July 2, 2012

Declutter, Day 2

Today we attacked Fuss's room. This is particularly difficult because I'm trying to make her a part of it in order to teach her some better habits than I grew up with (my mom will be the first to tell you that she is not a good housekeeper!) and she wants to keep it all. I understand this, because I'm very sentimental and also I like things around me. BUT she has SO much which was never my plan when we started having kids. I always planned to keep her toys and things to a minimum - enough so that she had plenty of things to play with, but few enough so she could really appreciate the things she had. We fought over every single "friend" (stuffed animals and dolls) and at one point, she cried when I told her she'd reached the maximum and she was going to need to say good-bye to Nemo.

We're not done. We have plenty more to do in her room. Her clothes need to be gone through desperately, especially since she'll be starting Pre-K in the fall. She's grown so tall this year that she physically still fits in a lot of her stuff, but it's much too short for her to be truly modest. Skorts, shorts and jeans all need to be weeded out and we need to take stock of what we need to get for school.

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