Friday, July 13, 2012

Ranting/Venting No one wants to hear this

Man, I really hate myself right now. I want to look nice in clothes, but nothing fits right, nothing makes me look like something other than what I am - a fat cow. The fat just rolls over my waistband. I look awful. Tub of lard. I want my hair to look nice, but in the heat and humidity, my bangs curl up within about 5 minutes of walking out the door and I'm sweating a bucket, so I look good for all of 30 seconds. And even that "good" is a far cry from what I would prefer. I have no skill with the make up brush. Or maybe I do, but my make up isn't a magician and since what I want is to look better than I do, at my current "best" it simply comes across as no skill.

I'm fat, unhappy, and PMSing. I'm stressed. My house is a disaster, my schedule is one long list of things I need to get done, but don't want to do, things are just not that good right now.

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