Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Random swelling

Today is the only day we don't have to be anywhere at any specific time. There was a time where I hated being home all day. Then there was a time when I couldn't get up the energy or get past the apathy to bother to get out of the house more than once or twice a week. Now, I'm grateful for the days when we can take it easy, spend the days lazing around and doing chores like laundry or whatnot and replenishing our energy stores for much more active days during the week.

I tried to put a shoe on my injured foot this morning. I can hobble around without the boot in the house and the swelling has come down so much since the injury 4 weeks ago. (Seriously, for the first week, my foot looked like a balloon shaped like a foot. It was SO swollen and bruised is was creepy.) So I thought I'd try to put on my Birkenstocks and hobble out to the front of the house to throw out a garbage bag. Yeah. That didn't work out so well. I couldn't get my toes past the straps in the shoe. At all. I knew there was still some visible swelling, but I guess I didn't realize how much! I will be wearing the boot for a good while longer apparently!

A lot of years ago, I got into reading Danielle Steel books - it started from watching a Lifetime movie based on the book Message From Nam - and I got a hold of a book that was defective. Seriously, in the middle of the book, there was a section missing and a section repeated. It went from page 141 to page 120-something and then from 141 to 160-something. It was very odd. I never finished the book, though I did try and read past that and just figure out what I missed. But it's available for my Nook via the library, so I'm re-reading it now and hopefully will finish it soon. I haven't read a Danielle Steel book in ages, so it's sort of funny that I'm through all these books I can think of to borrow from the library (digitally) and now I'm back to it. It's also funny that one of the characters in it's name was Chloe and I had no idea back then how to pronounce that name so when I read it, I pronounced it phonetically. Kloh. And now, I'm very familiar with that name - my best friend is likely going to name her baby that in a few more months!

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  1. Oh my goodness, this post brought back some memories. The first time I ever ran across the name "Chloe" in a work of fiction was when reading "Uncle Tom's Cabin" in 5th grade. I didn't know how to pronounce it either and so I kept saying 'Ch-low'and thinking that was such a horrible name to have. D'oh! ;)