Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I broke my foot 2 weeks ago and haven't been up to doing much since. I haven't been doing a lot computer-wise, either if I can't access it easily on something other than my Nook.

Honestly, I shouldn't complain. On one hand, of course there is pain and frustration and inability to go about my normal routine. On the other hand, my family (specifically my Gramma and my dad and my husband, but also my mom) and my friend Kat have gone above and beyond in helping me out around the house (my dad has done the dishes and the laundry and changed diapers on numerous occasions over the last 2 weeks) and I've gotten a lot of reading done.

It's a little weird, though. I'm irritated by the people who would I would have thought would be helpful - my best friend - her contribution was to invite me to the mall to do Easter Bunny pics for the kids (not happening - especially while I'm on crutches), and my in-laws. My younger SIL, LP, took Fuss and Little Man to dance 2 days after I broke it and then watched the Little Man at her house last week while my husband and I took Fuss to dance to do her pictures. And my MIL who spent a month out of town helping my pregnant/postpartum SIL, LB, drove me to my husband's game last night and took me to Target today. But they seem to b      e acting like they are all put out by helping me - even though, mostly I'm asking for help with the kids, not for myself. I can't lift the baby on crutches. I can't get stuff off shelves or get up every time one of them needs a drink refill.

I am grateful for the help I've been given. But I'm also tired and irritable (I also got my period this week, which contributes to the attitude right now) and still hurting and frustrated by the fact that I can't get up and do what I want to do, etc.

I'm not looking forward to the physical therapy they prescribed. I was hoping I wouldn't need it at all, but it looks like that's not the case.

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  1. Your best friend has been disappointing you a lot for a long time. I wouldn't blame her for it so much as to say that sometimes you grow apart and one person depends on the friendship more than the other. You have a lot of relationships that are more rewarding, so I would not worry so much about her and instead hold firmer to the friends and family that have better give and take.

    Maybe in the future you will grow back together.

    Hope the foot is better soon!