Friday, April 27, 2012

writing again

I'm writing again - furiously, near daily. Just not here. I got inspired by a new story and had some moments of inspiration for 2 of the others I had gotten stuck on shortly after Little Man was born. Unfortunately, right now I can't seem to locate the files of those other two stories. This is very frustrating. But meanwhile, I'm flushing out this new one and I'm having fun with the process. Yesterday I got very little done around the house because the words were just pouring out of me. And then I got stuck for a bit, so I got up and did the dishes for half an hour and then I cleaned my desk. I went back to the writing later in the evening, but didn't have a lot of time. I'm trying to give myself a more dedicated schedule, but with 2 crazy kids, sometimes that's hard!

I have a 31 show this weekend that I'm excited about and I have 2 more booked. I've been doing some trainings from Shari Hudspeth - some MP3s I bought from her sight and I'm very excited to try a new way of doing my presentation. I think it will be great for bookings! I have GOT to get more bookings. I'm excited about the ones I have right now, but I really need to increase my bookings at parties. Anyhow....

My brain is on overdrive right now. I feel like I just took pep pills or something - but only for my brain. I feel like I am thinking 12 things at once at high speed! Ha! Only in the mornings!

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