Monday, April 16, 2012

Random bits of jibberish

Yesterday, I went to Target with the kids. My husband was off on a much-needed break at the firing range with a buddy. And I HAD to get to the pharmacy before they closed. I had a headache that felt like tympani drums banging behind my eyes. I love Target, I was even doing some fun shopping (bought myself a new outfit that will qualify as vacation clothes) and still, I was miserable. So sad to waste a Target trip when you don't feel well.

We're planning a vacation for May. I am very much looking forward to it. We're going to the mountains and my husband has promised to not do any work while we are away. I'm looking forward to some quiet porch-sitting and some fun away time. Also a visit with my SIL and her children, including new little baby DC.

I hate my body. Now before you get all "oh, I'm sure you look fine" on me, let me assure you that I do not. I am overweight (I haven't been this heavy since I was 8 months pregnant) and out of shape (which is a perpetual state for me, I understand) and I don't feel good in or out of my clothes. I'm a curvy woman - I've got hips and boobs and always have - but there is way more in the stomach region than there should be. And I recently had to buy pants that were way beyond my ideal size. And my ideal size is much larger than a 4. But I've started to lose a little weight in the last 2 weeks thanks to being able to get up and around a bit more now that my foot is nearly healed. I need to put more effort into activity, but I hate exercise and I have to get past that mental block.

Both kids were sick with fevers all weekend. Little Man still is, though Fuss at least seems to have recovered mostly. But the whining is driving me bonkers.

One highlight right now is that I spent Saturday morning at the summer preview for Thirty-one and I'm looking forward to the new styles and prints that are coming out. I'm also looking forward to doing a little shopping myself! :)

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