Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bits and pieces and stream of conciousness

Things have been so busy!

Had my Dr's appt yesterday and my BP is back to normal after 2 weeks of no BCP, so no more estrogen pills for me, I guess. Going back on the mini pill and hoping it works. (80% effective) Also had them run a pregnancy test since my periods have been so wonky, but it's negative, so big sigh of relief. (I want another baby, but not NOW)

However, I got the word today that my oldest friend, Cherry, is pregnant with her first and I am so excited for her! Happy times! She's due just before Fuss's 4th birthday! I'll be passing her some maternity clothes, etc. I also want to throw her a shower, so I'll have to get with her mom on that. Exciting times!

Things are coming together for the Little Man's 1st Birthday party! I have ideas for favors (still need something for the baby set, though) and I've ordered stuff from Etsy that I'm totally excited about. I got confirmation today from my pastor that he will be able to come and do the baby dedication at the same time. Things are really working out nicely. (Though I found out awhile ago that my BFF and her family will be out of town that weekend, so I'm bummed that they won't be there, but you do what you can.) I still need to design the cake and buy some plates and such and finalize the menu. (I was just reminded of "puppy chow" which I love, but is it a bad idea to have something so yummy that my older child can't eat because of her peanut allergy?) I also need to find a pinata because I want to do that, too.

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  1. Yeah, Henry's birthday is Thursday and I haven't made any decisions about his party, except for the actual inviting of people. :)