Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Without Communication I go crazy

This morning my company is without communications (no phones, no email, no network access and no printing to network printers) and so I have nothing to do until out service provider gets off their rears accept write a long, newsy post. Aren’t you lucky?

I have past the 21-week mark and am feeling very pregnant. I slept poorly the night before and ended up too much on my stomach – then the baby seemed to have a sleepy day and wasn’t moving as much – I was beginning to freak out. She started moving later in the day, but not as much as usual, so I’m still at least slightly concerned. If I don’t feel much movement today, I’ll be calling the doctor this afternoon (as we’ve been planning to leave town tomorrow morning and spend the day at Disney). How bad is it, if you put too much weight on your stomach?

My co-workers have been randomly (actually alphabetically) choosing names of the day for the baby lately. We’ve come up with a system of “nice” names, silly names and names pertaining to liquor. Today’s liquor name is Limoncello (one of my favorites) and my co-workers choice of a “nice name” happens to be one of our 4 choices (which surprised me, since it’s not overly popular). I found it amusing that she chose that name out of the blue.

On the names subject: Our top choices originally included the name Cathryn Alexa, but that has since been dropped. I still like it – it’s actually a family name on my/my mother’s side (my great-grandmother was Anna Catherine) and my mom is Alexa. I’d still like to consider it for the future – maybe daughter number 2? – but I’d like to come up with something a little less directly connected to my family and my family alone for our first child. I did find out in passing that my SIL J likes that name and was bummed that we rejected it, but I don’t think any of our names are so far out there that anyone will hate them.

Well, the baby has made the occasional kick this morning, but not the persistent rumblings that she was doing as recently as a couple of days again. I also haven’t had as much sugar or caffeine today as usual (I’m trying not to stimulate her too much) but I may change that later today if she still isn’t jumping this afternoon.

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