Friday, October 12, 2007

Love that Baby

Some women talk about having an immediate attachment to the growing baby inside the moment they find out she is in there. Some don’t feel it until a little later – at an ultrasound, when the baby first starts to move and they feel it, etc. Some women care for the baby, but that unequivocal love doesn’t happen until she is born.

I find that I have moments where I go back and forth. Sure, I’m truly attached to this baby – she is very really to me (especially when she starts to dance around in there) and I’ve always thought of her as a baby, not just some tissue with potential. She became both more real and more surreal to me when “it” became a “she” last week. I have trouble imagining certain parts of how she will come to us (having no idea what to expect w/ labor for instance), but he feelings that I have are strong – and I know that I would be devastated if something were to happen to her. But there are moments when it is clear that I love this little person, and moments where it’s more of an idea – she’s not completely real yet.

I assume that this is the way many/most women feel when their babies are forming.

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