Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Sugar and Spice and EVERYTHING nice

It’s a girl!
After a lengthy wait (my sonogram was scheduled for 11, with a follow up midwife appt at 11:30 – we got into the sonogram room around 11:50) and quite a bit of time convincing her to uncross her legs enough to see what was there, we saw our little lady had lady parts. I was so thrilled, since I wanted a girl so badly to start with. We got a few 4D pictures, which I’m hoping to post soon for you to see. I cried twice during the sonogram this time – everyone always asks if I cried and I always think, “why on earth would I cry?”

It took what seemed like forever to get to “that part” of the u/s. I remember thinking “okay, I’m glad everything seems to be formed right, but this is a little baby, how many parts are you going to check? Get on with it!” Finally the tech said, “ah, there’s the problem…” and typed on the screen after she pointed out two little lines “A DAUGHTER.” She explained that the 2 little lines she showed us were the bones under the labia or something of that matter. She was pretty confident that it was a girl.

That night our little lady started tapping around a lot more, much more regularly and much more definite. She’s pretty consistent in her movements now, especially when I have something sweet/caffeinated to drink.

Once we finally got out of the office (we had a rushed meeting w/ the midwife, had issues w/ the DVD of the session recording properly, had to schedule an appointment w/ a receptionist who was on a personal phone call…) we started making calls. Mr. Moose called his mother and two older sisters and got voicemail repeatedly. My mother answered quickly, got the “it’s a girl” news, squealed with joy and then informed me that she was with a patient and would call me later. I tried my BFF (who I later remembered was in her first day of practicum student teaching and couldn’t answer the phone) and called my grandmother. Meanwhile, Mr. Moose had tried his grandmother and finally his little sister. As LP’s phone was ringing he said, “if no one from my family answers, then I’m not telling any of them”, but she did and was the first on his side to hear the news. His sisters and eventually his mom called later. My grandmother was thrilled beyond belief, though I know she would have been happy either way. I was concerned that Mr. Moose’s sister J would be disappointed, as she has been the most vocal about wanting him to have a son to carry on the family name, but ultimately, I think she was thrilled either way. My dad, who rarely shows any emotion, seemed pretty excited, as well. He told me “I like girls best!” and the email he sent to my aunts was pretty happy, too.

We have bought the base coat and the main color of paint for the nursery (a shade of sage green called “Christopher Robin’s Swing”) and Mr. Moose seems to be in project mode regarding starting the painting and clearing out of our little girl’s room. I am so incredibly happy and yet, in some ways it seems a little surreal to me that

I am going to have a daughter.

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