Monday, March 18, 2013

You live, you learn

I can't remember, have I used that post title before? Probably, it seems to be so applicable to so many situations in life. Maybe that's why Alanis Morissette was such a hit - her songs really hit home to a lot of people. Isn't it ironic?

Anyhow, I've been deal with some STUFF lately. Debilitating back pain - that's fun. I've spent hours flat on my back in the last couple of weeks. Not fun.

In addition, our family has suffered a major disappointment in the last week. My SIL, J, who has been teaching at our alma mater (my husband and his 3 sisters and I all graduated from this small private school) for the last nine years. It's where we put Fuss for PreK4 this year and where we intended to put her for Kindergarten next year. And after 9 years of dedicated service, the Superintendent has decided not to renew her contract for next year. His reasons are vague and lame-sounding and we are all assuming that there is something else going on - whether he has someone else in mind for the position or whatever, I really don't know, but it seems too random, sudden and unexpected.

And now we don't know what to do with Fuss for next year. A good portion of our motivation for putting her there (despite the large expense and sacrifice it will take) was to have her there with her Aunt J. And even removing that basic idea, now we need to figure out if it is disloyal to her to support the school by enrolling or not. But her 2 best friends are likely going to be there next year and I was SOOOO looking forward to having that connection to them and their families. And the other schools that are on our list are just as expensive, if not more so.

I'm just so sad about this. The idea of NOT putting her there - it makes my heart break a little. We were once betrayed by the leadership of the church I grew up in - where we got married - and between losing that, my dad selling his business last year and now this... I feel like much of my childhood is disappearing somehow.

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