Monday, March 4, 2013

Big Family

I've been watching Brothers & Sisters on Netflix lately and thinking about how much fun it would be in the future to have a big family bustling around. My husband comes from a family of 4 children so it's fun to see all the ins and outs of having all these people involved in your life - knowing you most of your life, etc. Lots of history and stories and love in big families. I think about how great it would be to have a bunch of kids (4 or 5 - I'm not looking to be the Duggars or anything) and I start dreaming...

And then I start dealing with reality. My husband and his sisters love each other. And they get along a lot better than a lot of people I know. But when they all get together (like this week while his oldest sister and her family are in town) there is ALWAYS drama.

So then I rethink it. Is it worth it? Do the ups outweigh the downs?

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