Friday, August 24, 2012


For my 12th birthday, my parents and I spent the day shopping for hurricane supplies in prep for what looked to be a bad storm (would have been Hurricane Andrew, I think - missed us, but caused all sorts of devastation elsewhere) coming up. Not exactly my idea of a great time.

For my 22nd birthday, my boyfriend (now-husband)'s grandmother had just passed away and he wasn't really feeling the celebration. I had been hoping he would propose, but knew that was now a no-go. We kept it low-key.

For my 32nd birthday, I took my son to the Dr.'s office to be diagnosed with pink eye while my husband was distracted and stressed over a potential work evacuation this weekend due to - yes, another hurricane. (This one shouldn't be as much of a problem as Andrew, at what looks to be a Category 1, but still might require relocation if we get a close or direct hit. TBD at this afternoon's meeting.)

I think it's safe to say that my years-that-end-in "2" are not exactly the best years for birthdays.

Our big celebration actually comes this weekend. On Saturday, my mom and I are going to have ourselves some grown-up girl fun and spend the morning/early afternoon at Ulta (I'm getting a haircut and hopefully a makeover) and we'll do lunch. Then tomorrow night we're going out with some friends - to the shooting range and then to dinner at a place that looks fantastic (we haven't been, but if the menu is any indication, I'm psyched!)

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  1. Happy Birthday! I hope 42 doesn't end up continuing the streak.