Friday, January 6, 2012

Miss me when I'm gone

Did you notice I was gone? I haven't had internet all week. Fun times. In addition, I've been incredibly down in the dumps, increasing as the week wore on. Related? You be the judge.

I'm busy. Usually, this is helpful. I've realized that I am incredibly good at faking it. I spent the bulk of the first two-thirds of my day yesterday out of the house, interacting with friends and I think I appeared to be happy and cheerful and normal. I wasn't. I'm struggling. I don't even know why. I'm tired. And I'm back to that place where I would much prefer to spend the whole day in bed - both because it is cold and we try not to run the heat in the house if we can avoid it - and because I really would just prefer to sleep my way through my days right now.

The kids are fine. They have their whiny, cranky moments as always. Little Man has been a little cranky the last day or so, probably due in part to the cold and some teeth coming in. Fuss has been off and on joyful and whiny. I think she's coming down off the holiday high. And maybe that is my problem, too. I look forward with longing to the weekend when I can spend time with my beloved because he comforts me, cheers me, and I get strength from him. Of course, this weekend, we're going to be spending lots of time apart due to our respective projects. (more on that in a second) But at least the evenings will be pleasant - spent cuddling with him on the couch, watching a movie or some such. He is my rock. He is my port in the storm. To borrow a quote from a Nicholas Sparks novel - he is my True North.

This weekend I am co-hosting a baby shower for my oldest friend, Cherry. It should be lovely and a lot of the work that I was thinking I would be doing has been lifted off my shoulders since her mom ended up moving the location to a hotel where the luncheon will be catered, etc. (the guest list got a little overwhelming for her nice, spacious condo. I think everyone will be happier this way and since money is no object for them, it worked out nicely!) I am truly so happy for my friend to be having her first baby. She's gonna be a great mama.

We are also tearing apart our falling-apart bathroom this weekend and Daddy Fuss and my Dad will be fixing the leak, replacing the tile and making my bathroom look NOT Ugly for the first time in 5 years! Plus, it should be more functional. So that's a plus. And not having a constant leak in the tub will be a big plus.

I also have my Spring Premier Event for Thirty-one on Saturday. I've been looking forward to this for awhile - they rented out movie theaters across the country to show off the new catalog and I'm looking forward to that.

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  1. Sorry doll, hope you start feeling up again! I noticed you were out, but I just figured you were busy. Good luck, and text if you need to talk or vent or anything!