Friday, January 20, 2012

In review

Oops. Computer issues, combined with debilitating neck pain/headaches and our bathroom being torn up (one having nothing to with the others) caused a stumble in my blogging. But here I am again!

Anyhow, I went an entire week without full range of motion in my neck - and to be honest, it's still only at about 90%, but I can drive (I could after about 3 days) and I am feeling enough better that I can say after my adjustment on Tuesday I finally didn't feel the pressure in my neck so much that I wanted to pop my head off and start over. Ugh no fun.

We're repairing and remodeling our one and only bathroom. We had to drive across town (less than 10 minutes away) every morning to shower at Nana's house. (My oldest friend, Cherry's, Nana's house is temporarily not being used, but the power and such - including the cable TV! - are still on and Cherry's Mama offered to let us use for it a bit. She offered to let us stay there, but once the water was back on and we could once again use the toilet, I didn't feel that was necessary and I thought the kids would sleep better at our house, etc.

The shower got finished at the beginning of the week and it looks great and for the first time in YEARS, there is no leak in my faucet and I don't have to use pliers to turn on the cold water. It's WONDERFUL. A new vanity, new lighting, paint, and wall tiles are going in as well. And probably a new floor. We've always hated the way our bathroom looked, so this is a WONDERFUL change after 5+ years in the house.

The Spring catalog for Thirty-one is out and I'm excited for the new year. I have a few people who have mentioned having a party soon and they are just checking their calendars. Looking forward to that. Also running one fundraiser now with offers for 2 others for charities I personally believe in and want to support. Closing out the one fundraiser and an order for the retiring stuff and sale Thermals next week. So things are starting to get busy there, too!

(midway through writing this Thursday our power went out. A problem with our bill. It took nearly an hour to get it straightened out and more than 3 hours to get it back on. I'm just now - Friday morning - getting back to my computer.)

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  1. I thought of you yesterady (before I saw this post) and wondered where you'd been. I was about to come and comment on the last post asking if you were OK! Glad to hear things are improving (with the house at least).