Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I learned yesterday that an old friend – 21-years-old – died over the weekend. The details are sketchy as to what happened/caused it other than something shocking, physical (not a car accident or murder) and unexpected. She had a loving family and fairly newly wed husband. My first reaction was that of disbelief. My mom called with 3rd or 4th hand news of the death. We weren’t close, but I’ve known her and her sister since they were in nursery school/toddler care at church. And now that she’s been married, I ran into her more often in married circles so that I’ve seen her several times over the last year. When my mom told me I was like “you’ve got it wrong. I just saw her last month!” You never imagine a sudden medical issue to pop up in a 21-yr-old.

It brought up the subject of our own mortality. Mr. Moose and I have been discussing who the guardian of our child will be if something happens to both of us. It’s a hard decision for us, since none of our choices are the perfect ideal situation. Our current choice is one of his sisters who is incredibly responsible and though while not married (or in a serious relationship) would make an excellent parent. My worry for her is that in the case of nothing changing, it would make her a single parent and that none of us know what her future might hold as far as job or spouse, etc. We plan to talk it over with her a little further along in the pregnancy. I know she will be honored, but I don’t know if she will have the same concerns or if she will just simply take it on as a responsibility. We desperately want whomever takes our child in that situation to make sure that my side of the family is still a part of the child’s life.

My doctor’s appointment today went well and I got all my major questions answered. My lack of weight gain is fine and reasonably healthy since I started out overweight to begin with. He also assured me that the changes in my chest area are completely normal, no matter how much it surprised me! I still don’t like it (it feels weird, okay?!), but I feel better about it.

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