Friday, August 16, 2013

Dramatic little girls

My routine OB visit turned scary (but I promise, all is well now) this week. And solidified even further my preference for the women in the office I go to.

You see, my OB's office has 2 male MDs, 2 female Certified Nurse Midwives and one Nurse Practioner who does GYN stuff, but doesn't deliver babies so she doesn't get much of the prenatal care either. (I go to her for all my non-pregnant stuff. I adore her.) One of the doctors I refer to as Speedy Gonzalez. He's very nice, pleasant, and whatnot, but he always seems to be in a hurry, talks fast, etc. Doesn't hurt that he's short, too. He's a good guy, and probably a great doctor (others who have had him in the delivery room have said he's great), but I just feel like he's always rushed. The other doctor has always been calm and soothing. He has a very calm, peaceful demeanor, etc. He actually delivered my firstborn (he was on call that day) and everything was fine. (though now that I think about it, when I had a tiny scar issue post-partum, I felt like he all but rolled his eyes at me because the tiny area that was bothering me (and caused me to have horrible pain during sex) was apparently so miniscule that he thought I shouldn't be bothered at all by it. But he did fix it and things got much better, so apparently, I wasn't hallucinating.)

Anyway, he apparently has a hard time getting the dopplar to work well when the baby is still small. And he got awfully tense when he couldn't seem to make it work at all and rushed me into an ultrasound with whispers to the ultrasound tech that he thought something was very wrong.

I'd already been having dreams over the last few weeks that I lost the baby, so this certainly didn't alleviate my concerns and for about 15 minutes, I was quite worried and I'm sure this didn't do my blood pressure any favors.

But all was well - we saw her dancing around, saw her little heart flickering away and were able to turn up the volume and hear her delightful heartbeat.

Of course, this meant that I didn't have the chance to ask any of the questions I had planned to ask about these awful, daily, debilitating headaches. Or why I have no appetite. But you know, whatever.

Starting the drama even before she is born.

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