Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Let Me Fall

Would you believe that I dealt with those darn stones off and on for nearly FIVE weeks? I have been spending more time in bed/in the bathroom than on the computer lately. It freaks Fuss out when I am moaning in pain, so I try to hide it from her as much as I can. I really do have sweet kids. When I'm not feeling well, they try to "take care" of me. Usually this involves lots of hugs, picking the weed-flowers from the yard for me, (or in Little Man's case - presenting me over and over with a silk bunch of poinsettias that never made it into the Christmas box.) and patting me on the back. Most of it is appreciated.

I read an amazing book recently. It was written by a childhood friend and we had lost touch, but the magic of Facebook and voila! And she recently wrote a book. It's not necessarily the type of book I typically enjoy - mostly non-fiction, a chronicle of her personal journey in learning to KNOW God, not just know about Him. Don't get me wrong, I've read a few "renew your faith! Fall in love with Jesus!" type of books before, but none have really reeled me in like this one.

I could relate to so much of what she talked about. She talked about the rebellion that she went through as a teen. The outside world would probably look at her (and me) and be like "oh no, YOU were one of the good kids. YOU were practically a goody-goody. There was no rebellion in your life!" but I think each person goes through their own types of rebellion at some point. You almost have to to really figure out who you are and what you believe, etc.

Anyway, you can check out Beth's book here. And stay tuned for some of the things it made me think about that weren't in direct-relation to her own thoughts and circumstances.

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