Monday, February 4, 2013

Daddy's boy

Wow. Been a long time. Oops.

So lately, Little Man has been all about his Daddy. Now, this isn't really a new thing, since he has always loved his Daddy, but right now, it's Daddy Daddy Daddy "no Mama." and that makes me really, really sad. He's been my Little Man for nearly 2 1/2 years now and he's always had a connection with me. But if there is even a chance Daddy is around - or when Daddy SHOULD be around (the other day, my husband had to do an overnight out of town so the next morning there was a lot of sadness when Daddy couldn't get him out of his bed in the morning) - I am NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Waking up from bed/naps, getting out of the car, kissing boo boos, bedtime it's "no Mama, DADDY."

I know that my husband has done nothing to push this. He's a good guy and he's an amazing father and kids just respond to him (even kids who aren't his own) and he has always had a good relationship with our children. But Fuss was his special baby from the get go - she bonded to him in a special way from the beginning (and she and I bonded, too, but there was something magical about them) and despite my reticence about having a son (boys scared me) Little Man and I had a THING from the beginning. We were connected.

Until now. Now I'm rejected. It started with him refusing to cuddle as much as he once did. He's a busy, growing boy, so I accepted that as simply just him growing up. But lately this Daddy-thing has really been bothering me.

He still hugs me and smiles at me and plays with me - when Daddy is at work.

I know it's normal for a boy to want to attention of their father. Heaven knows there are SOOOO many books on the subject (some even going to far as to say that a boy without a father can never feel as complete no matter what a mother does to try to fill that void, etc.) and I know it's a natural part of him growing up that he wants to company of a man/other boys instead of just his mama. But it still makes me sad.

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  1. H has always been a daddy's boy, but that was fine with me because S is STILL attached at the hip to me. H is finally starting to give me some attention, but I understand how it is to want the attention but he only wants Daddy.

    He'll change over and over in his life!