Saturday, September 29, 2012

Style Me

I recently had a wedding to go to and the afternoon of said evening wedding, I starting running around like a chicken going "what am I going to wear? Argh!" Unlike the last wedding I attended (a double wedding for 2 of my step-brothers and their beloveds) I hadn't spent a lot of time focusing on my wardrobe because I didn't have the huge constraints I had last time (being 6 weeks postpartum and needing to find a dress I could nurse in without having to strip in the bathroom every 2-3 hours), so I hadn't had much thought in it. That and September really seemed to sneak away from me quickly "No, Wally's wedding isn't until the end of the month, the 28th, I think - what do you mean it's the 28th already? That's crazy."

So I went to my Luckies and asked (because between them, someone always has an answer) and someone suggested I throw on a pair of "F-me pumps and a LBD and (I'd) be golden!" And then it hit me. I don't have any F-me pumps. (I haven't worn heels since I broke my foot last March and even then I hadn't worn many since before Fuss was born.) And my Little Black Dress... well, the closest thing I've got to that is the dress I wore to my step-brothers' wedding and it really isn't that great...

Ultimately, I ransacked my mom's closet and wore an outfit that might have made me look older than I actually was (it was my mom's closet after all...) but the good news was that we were either significantly older (10 years or so?) or significantly younger (15+ years or so?) to anyone else in attendance, so age didn't really matter that much. I coupled it with my go-to black flats and a mostly-black skirt purse from Thirty-One and I looked pretty put together, I think.

But I seriously need help. I wear a rotation of jeans/denim skirt/black capris/denim capris almost every day. That's pretty much all I have that fits (and sometimes that's debatable. My black capris were my fat pants and - hallelujah - they tend to fall off me now... not so much that they puddle around my ankles, but enough that every time I stand up from sitting I have to hike them back up to my hips or risk showing off my undies).

I have a handful or go-to tops - not as casual or sloppy as a t-shirt, but nothing fancy, either. A grey one, a green one, a brown one, a couple blue ones, a couple purple ones, and a whole lotta black ones.

I was at Target this morning and I saw these

 on sale and I was so motivated to get them. I mean, sexy right? Totally not my usual style - I never wear red, rarely wear "cranberry" (except on my fingernails - that's my go-to color for nail polish). But my girl friend (via text message) and my 4-year-old talked me into them.

So now, what do I wear with them? Jeans? Black pants? Do I have to match them? Black top? Cranberry top? Can I wear them with anything?

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