Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The stuff of now

So right now, the going to sleep thing is really good with The Fuss. We give her a paci and the monkey (have I mentioned the monkey? I will - I'll mention it later) and she settles down pretty well. Sometimes she has to moan for a few minutes, but sometimes she just lays down and goes to sleep.

I don't expect it to last (though it would be nice if it did, natch)but I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

She's doing more table foods - and boy does she love to eat!! She will eat ANYTHING off my plate and most things that I put on hers. She does have sometimes-issues with things I feed her from a spoon and she still isn't chewing very well - or mashing, because she only has 4 teeth and they're all up front, so no teeth to actually chew with - but anyhow.

The monkey. I was given a gift at my work baby shower from a girl the company works with - she's more of a freelancer, but we've known each other ever since... well anyhow. Her sister (sister-in-law? I can't remember)makes them and she got one for me and the baby. It's a stuffed monkey with a pacifier stuck to the back of it's head. She adores it. We named it Maddie the Monkey and it's pink and soft and we take it everywhere and she sleeps with it always now. It's in desperate need of a bath, but I'm scared it won't make it or won't get dry in time for bedtime or whatever. We're planning to get a back-up monkey for her birthday, but they're kinda pricey, so we've put it off until now.

So, what else? Oh! She's walking. She is toddling around all over the place, though she doesn't have a real great stamina for it. I'm pretty impressed, as she's been doing it for nearly a month and gets better every day, but I'm worried about her being forced to move up in the nursery class at church (she's in the pre-walkers class now and I'm used to it and so is she. She's one of the older ones in there, but not THE oldest, by far and she'll be the youngest in the walkers class.) I'm hoping to delay her "graduation" for now.

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