Friday, September 19, 2008


I had a baby sitter for The Fuss this morning while I went to work. After a minor breakdown last week, Daddy Fuss was kind enough to ask his youngest sister, LP, to help me out on her day off each week. Since she loves her niece like crazy and we offered to pay her a tiny bit, she agreed. I missed her something fierce, but I got to sit back and get a bunch of work done at the store and a ton of reading done in my free time. I came home to find the baby sleeping and once LP left I was checking my email before I went to pump all the milk I'd stored up by not pumping while at work. No luck. She woke up and while we were both thrilled to see each other, her nap wasn't nearly long enough. She ate like a champ (though she's been doing this distracted nursing for days now - she'll eat for a few minutes if she's really hungry and then suck twice, pop off, look around or look away, suck again, repeat. She acts like she's done, but then when I go to sit her up, she screams and stretches to go back to the breast. Drives me crazy.

So she then drove me to drink with her extreme fussiness. It's a Coke, but it's my second of the day. It's funny how I can miss her so much when we're apart, but then she drives me a little crazy a couple of hours later.

I still have a lot of thoughts going on in my head regarding nursing and when to wean. We're doing less bottle feeding than we were for awhile, but she's getting 1-2 bottles of formula per day to supplement my supply and make my life more convenient. I absolutely love that I can simply take some powder and maybe some water and a bottle with me when we go out and life is good. Sometimes i get embarrassed that I gave up or whatever, but really, this works best for us. And I think it's going to make it easier for both of us to move along when the time does come. I find it funny who I show what side too - proving that I'm a people pleaser, once again.

The last two weeks can be summed up in a word - tired. I keep having the fear that I'm pregnant and I don't know it. I don't really think I am, but the only time in my life I've been this tired is the first trimester of my pregnancy. I suppose it's simply a matter of having gone so long without good sleep, I certainly can't expect to feel completely better after a night or 2 of decent sleep. We've been doing better lately about getting her to sleep through the night, etc.

We had pictures taken for 6 months, aren't they cute? I couldn't resist this sailor dress.

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