Thursday, May 1, 2008


This week we've been experimenting with the nighttime schedule. If she is fed after 9:00, she typically doesn't wake up until somewhere past 2AM. One night we stretched to late in the 3:00 hour and she only ate once... holding off eating until what I consider to be a reasonable hour of the morning (6:45)for waking. Mr. Moose had to do some 5 AM comfort, but that is normal - he probably gets up with her in the 5:00 hour about 50% of the time, and she doesn't need to eat then, just be comforted back to sleep.

Another night she woke up howling at 2 due to a painful BM and I got up and changed her diaper. I picked her up after the diaper change, as per usual and started the routine of getting ready to feed her, but once I was ready, she was sound asleep across my lap on the Boppy. I wrapped her back into her swaddle and she slept until sometime in the 4:00 hour. I would love to drop one of her nighttime feedings, and I'd prefer the 4AM one, but if she wants to skip the one on the middle, that would work, too.

Our only problem now seems to be the BMs that give her so much trouble. She's not really constipated - it still comes out normal, etc. but it bothers her so to go through it, for whatever reason.

We're battling lots of gas. She gets Mylicon drops several times a day, which help, but don't take away the problem completely. And it is becoming more and more difficult to burp her... Mr. Moose, however, has discovered that often some tummy time really helps her get enough pressure on her tummy to help move it along. She's taken to taking a nice long nap after her first feed of the "day" when I get out of bed and she typically does it on her tummy on the living room floor.

My dog, Murphy the Moo, has taken to keeping her company during tummy time.

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