Thursday, March 20, 2014

I got the blues

Last night was a bad night's sleep. The horrendous headache I had most of the day yesterday combined with it being Wednesday (late night at church for the kids) and Ladybug being especially fussy caused both my husband and I to stay up past midnight. At some point, Little Man woke up screaming for no apparent reason. After attempting to "top her off" at midnight to help settle her, she didn't start to stir until 4, but didn't wake to eat until 5. Unfortunately, the stirring occasionally in the 4 o'clock hour kept me from fully sleeping during that time and then feeding her and trying to get her to settle (which took awhile) and back pain kept me up until 6. She woke again (having escaped the swaddle) at 6:30. I'm tired. Really tired.

But I got up, put myself together, got Fuss to school on time (a feat lately) and got to Bible study. I was able to make it through Bible study with a happy expression, but once we were in the car and heading home, felt so incredibly drained it was like a huge wave just washed over me. Loneliness, sadness, exhaustion, frustration. I got the blues.

Today, Ladybug is 2 months old. I cannot believe the time has flown so fast.

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