Tuesday, December 3, 2013

1000 posts

I just looked at the counter on my blog and noticed that I have 999 posts. So this one is 1000. I remember thinking "I should do something special for my 1000th post" and then more than a month went by and I have got nothing. Oops.

So, welcome to what could potentially be the world's most boring 1000th post. But any post is better than none, yes? Especially since I sort of use this blog as my memory keeper.

I am 32+ weeks pregnant. With my first 2 pregnancies I knew exactly how far along I was at all times. Someone would ask me and I could rattle off "22 weeks, 3 days" or whatever in a matter of seconds. Somewhere along the way, though, I decided that was weird and I'd stick to just the weeks when I answered "oh, about 22 weeks," but I always knew. I even corrected my OB a time or two.

This time, I'm aware, but not as aware. And this past weekend when I was turning 32 weeks? I actually thought I was 33. So, oops! I am counting down the days because I am feeling particularly HUGE and uncomfortable these days. I have no desire for her to arrive TOO early, but if time could fly (I'm sure it will, this being the Christmas holidays and all) I sure would appreciate it!

I am assured by my friends and husband that I am NOT looking as corpulent as I feel. (I feel like a Hippopotomus. A Preggo-potomus if you will.) I am told I look like I'm trying to smuggle a basketball under my shirt. I have gained approximately 9 lbs and hit the dreaded number I never wanted to go over. (My skinny friend uses said number as her example of a really large person and I finally told her "could you tone it down or add 50 pounds because I am rapidly approaching that number and you're making me feel really huge.") I knew I probably would, as I was rather overweight when I started this venture, but I am hopeful that I will remain under 20 lbs gained as I have in the past and be able to shed it pretty well in the early days of postpartum.

I can't bend over anymore. There is just too much baby in my belly. I have trouble sitting leaning forward, too. (Last night, you should have seen me trying to eat my dinner. I ended up leaning back in my recliner and using my belly as a shelf to set my plate on because I could only take about 2 bites before I would have to sit back.) I had to slide my driving seat's back back a notch because I was sitting up too straight while driving and there was too much pressure. I don't remember having to adjust quite as much with previous pregnancies. I think I might be carrying lower? I don't know. She also spends a lot of time tapping my bladder, so I feel like I'm always in the bathroom.

The headaches have started up again in the last week or so. They aren't usually migraine strength, but they are persistent and annoying.

I have been ladybug shopping online like a crazy person. I have pinned and tagged and registered for and watched what feels like every cute ladybug outfit and accessory on the internet (and I know I'm missing things.) I put a lot of thought into her going home outfit - odd, since I favored practicality over appearance with both of my previous babies - and finally have it picked and ordered. It isn't completely unpractical, but seriously, I went for cute, but primarily functional with both of the previous babies. I got lucky and had a decent order for my Thirty-One business last month and got a commission check last week which has covered all my baby-clothes costs to date. (and she actually needed a bunch of the smaller sized clothes since half of Fuss's seem to be missing.)

I am also noticing the nesting tendancies come out. I arrived home from dropping Fuss off at school this morning to notice how filthy my front door looked. I then spent 10 minuted cleaning it with furniture polish. Now I want to paint it because it has seen better days. But I know I don't actually have the time or energy for that. I have been very focused on reorganizing, clearing out and straightening up around the house, but this is hampered at this point by not being able to bend anymore! I did FINALLY get the kids' room reorganized this weekend (I am THRILLED!) And I'm hoping to get more work done in the nursery beginning this coming weekend (although, it is already looking better than it was a month ago thanks to the work I've already done.) I have on Daddy Fuss's To Do list this weekend raising the crib mattress so I can start putting that together. I cannot wait to see how beautiful the cute ladybug bedding I scored looks in there! The weekend after Christmas has already been mentally scheduled for more intensive baby-prep - pulling the bassinet out of the garage and wiping it down and setting it up for her pending arrival.

We still have no dishwasher which is bugging me.

I leave you with this adorable picture of two very sweet and cute kids that is the wallpaper on my phone. I just can't resist their cute smiles!

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