Monday, July 27, 2009

In pursuit of the perfect nap

The beginning of the nap transition is happening, I think. On Friday, we dropped The Fuss off with my SIL, LP for the afternoon/evening so we could go to Cherry's wedding rehearsal. She wouldn't nap, despite the fact that it was past nap time, she had been there (and successfully napped there) before, she had her things that were familiar to napping, etc.

On Saturday, I went out with my mom in the AM to get pedicures and make overs in prep for the wedding. The baby wouldn't nap for Daddy Fuss. She was quiet for maybe 20 minutes, and screamed and cried, etc. She was fussy and clingy all day until we dropped her off (again) and this time she took a nap, but it was only about an hour. Previously, her total nap time per day (divided between 2 naps) totaled between 3-4 hours, so an hour's worth of nap time is really not ideal.

Sunday had some troubles and today brought a great morning nap, a little later than usual, but still within the usual range but then when it came time for her afternoon nap... it was about 15 minutes long, despite the fact that in the car she had acted like she was very sleepy, she was cranky (a sure sign that she is tired) and that I had even pushed it back a bit.

I'm afraid that I can't handle only one nap per day, especially on the days when I work and that nap might fall during work hours, which means I have no down time at home, no time to do chores or time to relax at all. I'm sort of afraid of what that is going to mean for my mental state.

I guess I knew it would happen at some point, but I was hoping to delay it by keeping our schedule consistent, and simply continuing to put her down at regular intervals, as usual. I'm still hoping that the last few days are an anomaly, but I'm not holding my breath. I am going to continue to try, though. What else can I do? I have to try. And if it doesn't work, then I will work on adjusting my own process.


  1. It is tough, but you will get through it! Hope you all get adjusted soon!

  2. Oh, I think 1 nap a day is the BEST, but that's from a home-all-day perspective. When J started napping once a day that nap was LONG. Like 3 hours. Bliss! I hope you get at least one of those nap hours to yourself.