Monday, February 22, 2010

Big Girl Beds, and Fry Update

So, last night Fuss slept the whole night in her big girl bed and didn't wake up crying at all. She's been waking up and crying for a minute but putting herself back to sleep, but last night once she was asleep, she was quiet. It's still a battle to get her to go to sleep - something we hadn't dealt with in awhile when in the crib - but once she's asleep, things are better. I really hope this continues.

Unfortunately, we have to shut her door until she falls asleep or she gets out of bed, opens the door and stands at the baby gate and screams until we come back and demand she get back to bed. This is more of a challenge in the day time because I can't just wait an hour or 2 (like we do at night when we're going to bed) to make sure she's really asleep, but the adults will prevail!!!! I'm very determined not to put her back in the crib at this point, now that she's full-time in the bed. A friend suggested we take the crib out of her room, but since in 6 months or so we will need it again, it seems silly to take it all apart and that's the only way we could either move out of the room or store it somewhere. I might pull the mattress out and see if that helps. Still to be determined, I guess.

I had a 3-day headache that finally faded into oblivion last night. I also had high blood pressure yesterday (for me, anyway) and am a little concerned about that. I usually have VERY low blood pressure - not so low that it's unhealthy, but no where near the limits of "normal" and yesterday my high number was over 40 points higher than the last time it was taken at my OB's office. I'll have it checked again tomorrow and hope it was just a flukey thing.

Now that she's quiet, I'm gonna go see if I can grab a nap myself - I am still so tired! And I started having this awful nausea this morning - just dry gagging, but it was really bad a few times and I kept having to run to the bathroom, just in case.

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